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How to find the right handyman for your home jobs

Choosing the right handyman contractor to do work around your home is important, not only for the security of your property, but to ensure a high level of work, so you don't have to re-fix that just-fixed broken chair again!

Check their credentials

The most important thing to find out is the contractor's security credentials and insurances. Before you engage anyone to work in your home, contact three recent referees and ensure there were no issues with missing household items or other security breaches.

Shop around

Don't feel cautious about casting a wide net - obtain quotes and a likely timeframe from three different contractors for the particular job.

While it may seem pedantic, finding the right handyman is in knowing they're skilled, reliable and trustworthy. There may be a handyman attached to or recommended by your local hardware or garden shop.

choose handyman

Word of mouth is always a great way of considering someone's work.

Get the word out that you're looking for someone. Visit friends and neighbours who've recently engaged a handyman and see the results of their work. It's highly likely there will be before and after shots on many recent projects.

Will they 'take on anything'?

Handymen have a large bag of tricks with them to make various repairs to your home, but a good handyman will assess where further specialists are required.

He should have colleagues he can suggest you contact to fix a serious problem that requires a certain focus, such as a plumber, painter or roofing specialist.

Getting along

Don't forget to consider the personality of the contractor. You want a pleasant, well-presented person working in and around your home, and someone you can easily get in contact with readily. There's no point employing someone you can rarely contact, just because they're less expensive.

Once the hard work is done in finding the handyman, you'll have the satisfaction of having a fantastic person who knows your property, what pending problems to look out for and who'll help maintain the value of your home.

Compare quotes from local handymen - then all you have to do is pop the kettle on!

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