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The DIY Handyman guide

If you own your own home, you're bound to want to fix or make touchups to certain areas using your own hands, sweat and tears.

As with any DIY project, you hope the rewards will outweigh any frustrations along the way. It may be a rocky ride, but fixing your own property is definitely feasible and can be made a relatively easy process.

How do you measure up?

DIY handymen (and women) range from novices to semi-professionals, but all will need some basic knowledge, such as measurements, conversions and the right tools of the trade. (link to Measurements and Conversions article)

To see how you add up, consider how you'd respond to the following.

diy handyman

The great flat packed challenge

A great test of any relationship is assembling flat-packed furniture!

They furniture itself is usually fantastically designed once you've got it all assembled, but it can be an issue getting it to this point. Patience and a cool head is an essential attribute to make this project achievable.

Carefully store the tools and screws that come with the package, always make a photocopy of the instructions and store it separately, and know that you can return it if it's not what you ordered! If it is a complex job, you should consult a professional handyman to make sure the furniture is secure.

The right tool for the job

If you're going to hang a painting, what type of nail are you going to use? Yes, it does matter! Always do your research to get an idea of what you're going to need. For instance, a bullet-head nail will secure framing and furniture, a decking spike will attach large-section timbers, and an upholstery nail will attach fabric to furniture.

Act like a professional too - maintain your tools, keep your work areas clear and make sure your take breaks and cups of tea, just as someone you're employing would!

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