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Top tips for finding the right handyman

If you can find the right, reliable handyman, it will be a great advantage in having all your household jobs, (no matter what size) completed well, and with little chance of needing a revisit in the near future.

While DIY projects are rewarding and can be great fun to undertake, you'll generally have no backup if something goes wrong.

It can be a great expense to repurchase tools or products such as paint, floorboards and tiles if it all goes pear-shaped.

Hire small

By hiring an independent handyman rather than a large company, you won't be hampered by company rules about specific hours of work and rates per hour, or steep overheads. You may be able to agree on a project rate, so you know where you stand from the get go.

The right handyman may also offer you some advice regarding maintaining your property outside of the job they're working on. It's in their best interest, as good advice will see you hiring them again when the problems do arise.

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The virtual handyman

Many handymen have their own websites, so you can access images of completed projects and those under construction.

This online access is quick and helpful, and should detail their credentials, experience, and contain customer votes of confidence. Email or call them to ask for recent referrals to backup these statements.

The importance of a quote

A reputable handyman will always provide you with a written estimate that will give you an indication of financial outlay.

As a rule, there'll always be unforeseen issues. Ask your handyman about possible problems that could arise, so you can adjust your highest end budget accordingly.

Don't be sexist!

Don't forget, a 'handyman' could easily be female! Women are increasingly present in the market, and a force to be reckoned with.

Get in touch with your local handyman today ' start by comparing and finding the best quote.

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