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Handyman jobs around the backyard and garden

Have you always wanted to build a deck in your backyard, but seen it as too big a job, or just not known how to go about it? Or wondered how to add a pergola and growing vines to give a garden deck some natural ceiling?

Your local handyman will be able to help you with exterior backyard and garden projects like this, from suggesting timbers and stain options, to designing a great outside room for your family.

Hire in a green thumb

Every homeowner would like to add value to their home. Why not consider adding value in an alternative way and establishing a vegetable patch in your garden?

Not only could it provide you with a supply of fresh produce, it will enhance the value and outlook of your home, and save you grocery money.

Your handyman will be able to help you build the garden bed and lay the seeds or plants.

yard handyman

Water management

Keeping the garden well-watered is essential but does need to be balanced with respect to the environment. Establishing the right sprinkler system to plan watering times during restrictions, and to keep the garden thriving while you're away or during long days at work, are all things your handyman can assist you with.

Maintaining hoses, taps, and keeping the washers in good working order will all assist in keeping the garden developing well. You may have a pool that needs cleaning or the water balance adjusted, or a fence gate that needs extra attention. All are perfect backyard jobs for the experienced handyman.

Driveways and paths

These access areas can regularly build up grime and moss and need attention to keep them safe thoroughfares for you and your guests. Ask your handyman to blast the surfaces and keep the access to your home an inviting one.

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