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Handyman jobs around the bathroom

Your bathroom or bathrooms need to be a safe environment for your family and visitors.

With the use of hairdryers near the sink, medicines stored within reach of young children, safety and functionality need to be considered alongside creating the best look for your bathroom.

You may have found the perfect vanity or medicine cabinet that needs installing, or perhaps you can't quite find what you're looking for. Your handyman will be able to help you with all of this.

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Common bathroom problems

Most households have experienced an incessantly running cistern, which can drive you mad in the middle of the night, or a toilet seat that's falling off its hinges. Get your handyman onto it!

Although hot water is essential, controlling the temperature, particularly with young children around often requires attention. Adjusting your water pressure is also something your handyman may be able to assist you with.

Give it a facelift

You may be after a new look for your bathroom; what you might not realise is it can be achieved with a few simple fixups. Get your handyman to replace damaged grout, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and install a new shower door. Your bathroom will feel like new again.

The trimmings

There's nothing like wrapping yourself in a warm towel in winter that's been heated by a towel rail. These simple luxury additions can be safely fixed by a handyman, so think about what will make your bathroom that little bit more special before he arrives.

Many handymen will have colleagues they can recommend for specialised jobs when it falls outside their expertise. For anyone working in or around your home, don't forget to check their credentials, security clearances, and insurances.  Accidents can happen and you need to know where you stand.

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