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Handyman checklist

Our handy checklist will improve your handyman experience. Whether you are hiring a professional or going DIY.

Engaging a professional handyman

1-2 weeks before
  1. Assess your maintenance and repair needs
  2. List and prioritise all indoor and outdoor tasks
  3. Identify any items you want your handyman to check
  4. Reference check your short-listed handymen
  5. Select and book a handyman
  6. Order any required materials (unless the handyman will supply them)
On the day
  1. Be home to meet handyman
  2. Walk handyman through your home to identify the tasks and priorities
  3. Put your feet up

DIY handyman checklist

Get prepared
  1. Purchase a set of good quality basic handyman tools including:
    - multigrips and pliers
    - screwdriver set
    - spanners or wrenches
    - nails and screws
    - hammer
    - insulation tape
  2. Keep your tools well maintained
  3. Always choose safety approved equipment and appliances
  4. Keep a repair kit and torch near main fuse box
  1. List and prioritise all handyman tasks required
  2. Batch tasks so you can complete several in one session
  3. Allocate yourself plenty of time to do tasks
  4. Engage a professional for any work requiring technical expertise
Create a clear workspace
  1. Remove any clutter
  2. Ensure you are free of distractions
Assemble all required tools
  1. Ensure you have all required tools on hand
  2. Never ‘make do’ with alternative tools
Getting stuck in
  1. Remove jewellery
  2. Wear fitting clothing
  3. Tie back hair
  4. Complete a set of batched activities in one go
  5. Try not to postpone tasks
  6. Follow equipment instructions to the letter
  7. Use the right tools for the job
  8. Have necessary protective equipment on hand
  9. Clear away all tools when finished
  10. Engage a handyman for any tasks that prove too difficult or time consuming!

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