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A professional handyman can ensure your home runs like a well-oiled machine. So you enjoy maximum comfort. This quick guide helps you choose the right handyman for your home.

Making a handyman plan

Begin by defining your project list. Outline all necessary tasks. Then consider the required skills to match. This will help you select a proficient handyman. To make your handyman plan, you must:

  1. Make a full project list
  2. Prioritise tasks
  3. Set your budget

Select your professional handyman

Don’t become the next DIY disaster. A good handyman is a gift to any homeowner. And there is much you can do to select one.

Ask family and friends if they know a trustworthy handyman. Even your local building depot may give a recommendation.

Always start by comparing several quotes from potential handymen. Compare Quotes makes this easy. You can get instant online quotes for a service level set by you.

Your chosen handyman will be coming into your home. So it is important that you establish trust upfront. Before work begins, ask your handyman for:

  1. Their length of time in business
  2. Areas of speciality, so you know if those skills match your required work
  3. Referrals from previous customers
  4. A list of credentials including insurance certificates, licences and qualifications
  5. A written guarantee of their work

Confirm who will be coming to your home and completing the work. Don’t be afraid to ask what your handyman’s employee or contractor screening process is.

Arm your handyman

Brief your handyman. Present your project list. And tour your handyman through your home identifying areas of work.

Benefits of hiring a handyman

Essentially, a handyman will save you time, money and patience. Not to mention giving you maximum enjoyment of your home. Your handyman may also access materials at a discounted rate not available to the average homeowner.

Get the job done right first time, with a professional handyman.

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