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We’ve put together a few handy tips and hints to help you select a great handyman and keep your home running beautifully.

  1. Begin by defining your project. Outline required tasks and choose a handyman proficient in these areas.

  2. If you cannot get all required tasks completed within your budget, prioritise.

  3. Nothing beats a personal recommendation. Ask family, friends and neighbours for a handyman they trust.

  4. Compare at least three different handyman quotes for similar services. Try our instant online quotes.

  5. Always agree on an itemised work scope and written quote before work starts.

  6. Ask your handyman for previous customer references and follow these up.

  7. Choose a handyman who holds at least Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. Ask to see all business licenses and relevant qualifications too.

  8. The cheapest handyman is not necessarily the best for your job. Ensure your chosen handyman is sufficiently skilled to satisfy your requirements.

  9. You can feel entirely comfortable asking to see photos of your handyman’s previous work. Especially projects similar to yours.

  10. Confirm your handyman has an adequate employee and contractor screening process in place.

  11. Quality workmanship is the only way to keep repairs and improvements tip-top. Confirm in advance that your handyman is using quality materials that go the distance.

  12. Ensure your chosen handyman provides a written guarantee before work begins. And confirm how long the guarantee is valid for.

  13. Agree on a work plan and timeframe before work begins.

  14. Check whether any complaints have been brought against your handyman with Consumer Affairs. Or local small claims tribunals. It is totally acceptable for you to ask your handyman if they have had any such complaints. And what these were for and what the outcome was.
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