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Tools Every DIY Handyman Should Have

So, you're ready to tackle your home handyman DIY project. You've planned, you've bought the paint, the screws, the wood - but what have you got in your toolbox to actually carry out the work?

It may cost a little in initial outlay, but it's important to buy, or borrow, some essential tools that will enable you carry out the job to the best possible quality.

Here's some items that should be at the top of the list;


A small basic set with standard flat blades as well as Phillips heads should cover you for most household fixups and finetuning. If you can, find a combination screwdriver that has a variety of blades to fit one handle.

handyman tools


Gaffer tape, which holds strong but allows you to tear off lengths easily, is a good start. Duct tape is incredibly resilient and multipurpose. Make sure you have electrical tape on hand at all times too.


A sturdy cordless or electrical drill will do the job.


Go for a curved-claw nail hammer with a rubber grip handle. This will make for a tool which is steady to control and comfortable to use.


A cross-cut hand saw will handle most basic home carpentry jobs. If you have space in the garage or shed to hang it, you can go for a longer saw, or, there are short options that will fit into most toolboxes.

Spirit Level

You don't need an overly expensive spirit level, but it's wise to invest in one to make sure your work comes out straight!


Go for a retracting ruler; they're sturdy and the varying length is hugely valuable.


A household cement will take care of most minor repairs in and around the house.


For those jobs that need to be carried out in dim places, a small, powerful torch is essential.

Toilet Plunger

You'll come to see a plumber's friend as your best friend if your toilet starts to overflow! Your toolbox isn't complete without one!

A handyman will have all these tools with him; compare quotes for your home maintenance projects today.

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