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What does a handyman do?

We know men (and women!) can be 'handy', but not all have the technical skills to really earn the title 'handyman'.

So what is it exactly these sought after handy people are capable of?

Whether you're renting, buying or still living with your parents, there are bound to be parts of your property that require special attention at some stage in your life there. It's comforting to know the house or apartment is in good working order, will be sold in a good condition, or is ready to be handed down to the next generation.

Jack of all trades

From hanging picture hooks safely and without disturbing paintwork, changing a light globe in a high ceiling or fixing a leaking ceiling and cracked tiles, a handyman is the perfect person to undertake often risky tasks with ease.

Hiring a handyman means they'll arrive at your home, equipped with all they need, saving you those endless trips to the local hardware where more often than not, you never quite get the right tool. Sometimes getting the tool to work is another matter!

handyman jobs

A good handyman can build shelving, paint, fix windows or steps, repair a leaking tap, attach a dryer to the wall, or sand a floor.

They can also fix carpet tabs under furniture legs to protect the floor, even basic gardening work, such as getting the hosing working efficiently.

Tread with caution!

Any work around the home has an element of risk attached to it, particularly anything electrical.

A professional handyman is experienced and will know what precautions are required. Drilling a wall in a hole may seem basic but many accidents have happened as a result of enthusiastic DIY renovators. Engaging a professional will give you peace of mind.

Keeping your property and its contents well cared for, is essential to its longevity. It's a great feeling finally getting those fiddly jobs done around the home so you can really enjoy it.

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