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Tips for dealing with cockroaches at home

Although not all cockroaches are as evil as they look, there's a general tendency to reach for the spray as soon as you see one, and with good reason.

Many of the roaches found around garbage bins or kitchen cupboards carry Salmonella, which can pose a serious health risk to your family and can create great discomfort for all of you.

Here are some tips for keeping roaches away, or as small a pest as possible, if you live in an area where they're a problem.

cocky pests

Cracks and crevices

In addition to keeping the place spotless and garbage bins emptied, keeping any gaps in surfaces and structures around your property filled is essential in deterring cockroaches from making their unwanted appearance at your place.

Resistance to chemicals

Although there are many available on the market, many cockroach species have developed a remarkable resistance to various insecticides, where as others will actually be repelled by the spray and therefore avoid its effects.

Boric acid - a less toxic option

Boric acid is a popular suggestion in dealing with cockroaches and might be the answer for you. When digested, boric acid will actually poison the stomach of the insect.

The beauty of boric acid is its low toxicity to humans, although your family pet still needs to be kept away. Children should also avoid the area completely.

Although it can take up to ten days for the roach to die, the effect of applying a thin film of boric acid along the surface area (not too broadly or they€ll avoid the area), is long-term and can work on the site for many years.

Trouble spots

As you'd expect, the best areas for a cockroach conventions are exactly where you don't want them - in and around your fridge, oven, stovetop and cupboards.

Don't forget to keep all food products tightly sealed, don't just rely on an elastic band around the biscuits!

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