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DIY pest control

Here are some simple tips for a do it yourself approach to keeping pesky pests away from your home.

What options do I have?

Depending on the pest, there are a number of DIY options for pest controlling your property.

They include insect baits, rodent baits, traps, termiticides, insecticides and repellants. For any product, always check the label in full and determine the toxicity of the product and the likely outcome.

What pest is it?

Determining which type of ant, bee, wasp or rodent is affecting your home is the first step in eradicating the problem.

If you're, not sure, ask a professional to do it. It may be a better investment in the long term.

diy pests

Food storage

A common problem in households is the effective storage of food.

While we may avoid plastic containers for environmental reasons, having a few on hand is sensible. Cockroaches love cardboard, so potatoes boxed in a dark cupboard definitely needs to be reconsidered!

Pet food

Clear all old pet food, and make sure there€s nothing left overnight. Scraps of any kind around the house will receive a night visitor.

If it needs to stay our, soapy water around a bowl of pet food is a good deterrent.


Flea season can be a nasty time for you and your pets.

Be vigilant about vacuuming daily if you're a pet owner during this time, in addition to frequent washing and grooming.

A dry house

Keep all surfaces in and around your home dry, and repair leaking taps - in the summer water traces are a haven for cockroaches.

While it's possible to do a lot around your home to deter pests from making it their own pad, for some pests such as rodents, wasps and bees, it€s likely that a professional pest controller is the best person to carry out the task.

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