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Tips for removing ants from your home

You never seem to see just one ant plodding along. With one comes a whole army, and getting rid of them from your home can be tiresome.

With a strong push away from the use of chemical treatments in households, and given the types ants found in the home are usually harmless, there are a range of easy tips for eradicating ants from your property.

The following home remedies have worked wonders for others - see if they work for you.

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Home remedies - White wine vinegar

As usual, what's in your pantry or cupboard often can have more than one use!

White wine vinegar when spayed on windowsills, kitchen counters and empty cupboard shelving, is a great way of getting rid of your ant problem.

The scent won't last long and it's an inexpensive method with an immediate result. It's likely they'll return, but a quick respray will see them gone again.

Leave a pepper trail

Black pepper is another great idea.

A solid round of pepper sprinkled where the ants enter, along their route and around all windowsills, benches, cupboards will work wonders.

Cayenne pepper is also suggested, but you'll need to be particularly careful if you have children around.

Bay leaves

Also a great addition to your spaghetti sauce, bay leaves placed on your benches, at the ants' entrance to the kitchen, and around the pantry will leave a pleasant aroma in your kitchen, and is a harmless way of preventing ants from taking over.

The hard line

Insecticides and ant baits won't work for the long term, and their content needs to be considered carefully prior to spraying or placing in your home, but they do a have a use.

A range of products are available on the market, which will get rid of ant colonies for the immediate term. Their return can't be confirmed though, so weigh this up when you're considering options.

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