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Finding the right pest controller

Getting pests eradicated (or at least under control) is essential to maintaining a safe, healthy living space for you, your family and your guests.

It's also vitally important for the life span of the timber, soils and ceilings in and around your home. Choosing the right pest controller may not seem like a vital decision. However, the potential problems a bad treatment can cause for your family or home is almost as bad as the damage the pests do, so it pays to follow a few steps in making your decision.

right pest controller

Accreditation in Australia

As you would for any stranger entering your property to work as a contractor, check their pest controller's security license, making sure that it's not just a training permit.

Ensure their card has a current license, name, number and expiry date.

Get 3 quotes

Obtaining three different written quotes will give you the peace of mind that you're getting the best deal.

Ask friends and family if they've had similar treatments done and who they'd recommend.

Check if there are warranties attached to the job, which can often mean paying for regular inspections that you may not want.

Concerns about chemicals in your home

Are you anxious about what harm pest control can do to your home and your family?

Hiring the right pest controller will give you peace of mind. Make sure you choose on who'll discuss the various elements of the product, and the possible side-effects if any.

Don't forget, there are usually green options available.

Avoiding return visits

While hiring a pest controller every year is a good investment, to avoid having them out any more than is really needed, ask them how to stop pests returning in the near future. 

Remember, before they start, you'll need to keep your pets and children away from the treated areas during and after application.

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