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Low toxic pest control ideas

With the number of children developing asthma increasing every year, and a greater awareness of the harm toxins can cause the community and the environment, less toxic pest control options have become an important part of making cleaning and maintenance choices for many Australian households.

Insecticides are harmful to children and in fact are only a short-term measure.


While using low-toxic products is preferable for many, there's usually a longer timeframe needed for the process to be effective.

This may be a factor in your decision.

It can take up to a week or longer to kill large numbers of cockroaches by using less toxic options.

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Water-based sprays

There are water-based surface sprays available that are perfect for getting rid of crawling insects and are generally much more active than conventional surface sprays.

They'll also last for up to 3 months.

Importantly, such products are safe around pets and children.

Boric acid

Although its name suggests otherwise, boric acid is actually a low-toxicity, non-volatile acid that is certainly a safer option than a chemical pesticide.

As part of an ongoing pest management program, boric acid is especially effective for crawling insects.

How do you apply it?

Boric acid can come in a dry powder, which is injected into crevices and cracks around your property, or in a bait formulation.

Respiratory problems can be caused by boric acid if it's ingested, so as with any chemical work you're doing around the home, pets and children need to be kept clear away.

Backing up the low toxic options

By keeping your property as moisture and rubbish free as possible, you will automatically reduce the risk of pests returning your home.

This includes fixing leaking taps and not leaving dirty dishes soaking in the sink, both havens for the great unwashed.

Now you've done what you can for keeping your home pest free, compare quotes today for local pest controllers and see what less-toxic options they can suggest for you.

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