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Pest Control Checklist

Use our handy checklist to enjoy a pest-free living space. Whether you are hiring a professional pest controller or opting for DIY.

Engaging a professional pest controller

1 week before
  1. Identify the pest
  2. Assess extent of infestation
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  4. Complete reference checks on your potential pest controller
  5. Ensure your pest controller is licensed, insured and guarantees their work
  6. Select and book pest controller
On the day
  1. Clear all floor services• Store and seal all consumable goods
  2. Store all plants outside
  3. Switch off all electrics
  4. Close all cupboards and drawers
  5. Be home to meet pest controller
  6. Walk pest controller through your home identifying pest infestations
  7. Take yourself, your family and pets out while the pest controller does their stuff

DIY pest control checklist

Getting started
  1. Identify the pest
  2. Identify an effective treatment option. Remember there is no ‘one size fits all’ pest treatment.
  3. Purchase required pest treatment.
  4. Get familiar with correct storage, handling, application and disposal requirements of your pest treatment
  5. Word yourself up on first aid instructions accompanying your pest treatment
Preparing your home for pest control
Follow first 5 dot points under ‘On the Day’ above
Pest treatment application
  1. Apply pest treatment according to instructions
  2. Wear long sleeved shirt, pants, gloves and closed-toe shoes
After pest treatment application
  1. Rinse tools/equipment three times• Wash hands thoroughly
  2. Remove/rinse footwear worn during application
  3. Wash clothes separately from your regular washing
  4. Store left-over pest treatment according to instructions
Prevent pest return
  1. Identify and repair pest entry points to your home• Eliminate pest food/water supplies, most commonly found:
    - Behind the fridge and oven
    - Under the kitchen sink
  2. Reduce clutter – a favourite pest hiding place
  3. Seal and store all food
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