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Creepy crawlies can cause damage to your home. Not to mention bringing health problems to your door. A professional pest controller can rid your home of pests. And offer valuable advice for keeping your home pest-free. This quick guide helps you choose a great pest controller.

Get to know your pest

No two pests are alike. So the first step in pest control is identifying what you are dealing with. Before approaching a pest control professional:

  1. Identify your pest(s)
  2. Assess the level of infestation

Choosing a pest control professional

Begin by comparing at least three pest control quotes for similar services. Try our instant online quotes. You can select your desired level of service. And rest assured that all pest controllers are quality tested.

Reputation reveals a lot. Nothing beats a personal recommendation from family, friends or neighbours. A pest controller with satisfied customers is a good option. Always ask for customer references before making your selection. Also look for:

  1. Licensed pest control operators
  2. Members of the Australian Enviromental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)
  3. Full public/general liability insurance
  4. Written work guarantee
  5. Ability to satisfactorily answer your pest control questions

Prepare for your pest controller

Clear clutter from any floor surfaces. You don’t want clothes, shoes or toys being layered with pesticide. Also clear all bench tops and kitchen surfaces of food or cutlery.

Remember, pest treatments usually contain a degree of poison. Avoid allergic reactions or worse. Pack away your belongings before your pest controller arrives.

Benefits of a professional pest controller

DIY pest control is certainly an option when treating certain pests. But for peace of mind and effective pest control, you can’t go past a qualified pest controller.  Professional pest controllers have:

  1. Expert knowledge and training to effectively treat household pests
  2. Skills in safe handling and application of pest treatments.
  3. Valuable information to help you eliminate pests and prevent them too.
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