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We’ve put together a few handy hints to keep your home free of creepy crawlies and select a great pest controller to boot.

  1. To apply effective control measures you must ‘know thy pest’. Identify the pest involved and extent of infestation.

  2. The best pest treatment is to hire a trained, licensed pest controller. Your pest controller comes with appropriate skills, equipment and pesticides.

  3. Get at least three quotes for similar pest control services. Compare these for cost, skill and expertise. Our instant online quotes let you select your level of service.

  4. Word of mouth can be a powerful guide. Seek referrals from family, friends and neighbours for trusted pest control professionals.

  5. Any pest controller worth their salt has customer referrals available on request.

  6. For extra peace of mind, choose a member of The Australian Pest Controllers Association (APCA). APCA members must hold industry certifications and extensive pest control work experience.

  7. Your pest controllers should hold public/general liability insurance.

  8. Your pest controller should guarantee their work in writing. So if a return visit is required, it is at no cost to you.

  9. A good pest controller will offer you valuable pest prevention information for your home.

  10. Confirm your pest controller is using high quality materials and products in your home.

  11. Advise your pest controller in advance if you or a family member has any chemical sensitivity.

  12. Clear floors and remove all food items from bench tops before your pest controller arrives.

  13. Ask your pest controller if they offer free home inspections.

  14. If you’re taking on the pests yourself:
    - Treat infestations quickly.
    - Select appropriate pest control treatments.
    - If no DIY treatment is available, hire a professional pest controller.
    - Follow pest control treatment directions to the letter.
    - Wear protective clothing and masks to apply pest control treatment.
    - Keep children and pets away from pest control treatments and treated areas.
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