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Tips for getting rid of rats and mice

Finding a long-term solution to exterminating rats and mice in and around your property can be a challenging task.

They are enormously clever little creatures and can add great frustration and uncleanliness to your home if you allow them to share it with you.

Our overall advice is to keep your house thoroughly clean - even if it does mean begrudgingly tidying up after a surly teenager or lazy flatmate. You'll be glad you made the sacrifice!

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Rats - what you need to know

Unfortunately rats in the real world don't possess the endearing quality of many of their cartoon character formations.

Rats destroy property, chew electrical wires and cause fires as a result. They gnaw at doors, skirtings, books and papers ' even machinery.

They're also the vehicle for transporting parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice into your home.

Where do rats hide

Their cunning will allow them to avoid traps and bait by burrowing into hard to reach places, including wall crevices, attics and under concrete.

Baiting rats

Bush rats and marsupial mice are native and should be returned to their environment if caught. They don't have the same destructive bent as the common rat, so make sure you learn to know the visual difference between them.

To safely trap these animals, a sticky trap will allow them to be released into their habitat.

However for most rodents, you will want to eradicate them in the most efficient way possible. The best way to bait them is to use an open sealable lockable container, (such as a lunchbox), with the bait inside.

Mice ' what you need to know

The mouse is another incredibly intelligent animal and a great breeder - so if you see one mouse in your house, you can be sure there'll be a big extended family close by!

Mice are attracted to inviting spaces such as your home, seeking water, food and warmth, particularly if there is food and garbage available for easy access.

Keeping them away

While the common theme in getting rid of any pests in your home is keeping your home clean, sealing any gaps in walls or structures is an important investment in avoiding a rodent rodeo in your home

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