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Removing possums from your roof

Possums are harmless if left alone and are another factor of living in an urban environment that's losing bush land quickly.

That being said, the noise of a possum or two hanging out in your roof night after night can drive you mad, so'

What do with a possum?

Killing a possum is not the answer. They need to be carefully escorted out of your premises and returned to their natural environment, or better yet, be prevented from entering your property in the first place!

possum pests

How do possums get in?

Do you have a few holes in your timberwork or loose tiles on the roof? Most people do at some stage and this is where the possums will get in and begin their new lives.

Is it definitely a possum?

Make sure you check that it is a possum keeping your awake at night, not a rat, or you'll have a whole different problem to tend to.

The hissing and thumping of a possum differs to the greedy gnawing and squeaking of a rodent. Have a thorough listen before you choose your course of action.

How do I prevent them?

Wait until after sunset, and see where the possums actually emerge from within your roof and under the eaves.

You'll need to block off these areas, using a one-way flap so they can get out and not in again.

To prevent possums finding the roof attractive, cut back the branches leading to the roof, leaving a 1.5 metre gap to deter jumpers.

You can also use an insulated nest-box placed in your garden, which, as possums are territorial, they will adopt as their new home and avoid the roof.


If you have cables running close to your roof, your telecommunications company can advise on possum proofing the transmitting cables, so as to limit further frustrations!

Don't forget, we are in the possum's habitat, so treat them with care. Your local pest controller can help you respectfully point possums in the right direction if you need assistance!

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