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Removing wasps and bees from your home

Wasp and bee stings can be extremely painful and depending on the type insect and allergy, can be extremely dangerous.

Freeing your property from hives at first sight is an important job and one that should be left to your pest controller. However, it's important to try to get to know varieties, so you'll know the immediate risk.

Types of wasps

There are four main wasp varities in Australia;

Mud-daubner wasp

An attack from a mud-daubner wasp will be painful, however attacks are rare. These black insects are found in protected areas of houses, building and rock overhangs.

An ice-pack should relieve any sting, but seek advice if this is not immediate.

bees pests

European wasps

These grey, oval shaped wasps can sting badly, repeatedly and their sting can cause allergic reactions - even asthma.

European wasp nests can be found in wall cavities, ceilings, logs, garden soil and tree trunks, particularly in the warmer months.

Cicada-killer wasp

Found mainly in urban areas and bushland. While the sting can be painful, these insects are unlikely to attack, unless provoked.

Paper wasps

Often living in colonies and with black and yellow markings on their abdomen, these wasps are often mistaken for bees. Their sting can be painful but fortunately they are not as aggressive as their European cousin.

Bee types

Although an important part of our pollinating process, a sting from the honey bee can cause a severe reaction in some people, resulting sometimes in breathing difficulties.

Given their importance in the food chain, and to ensure they are well looked after, a professional pest controller will actually remove the bee swarm from your property, or have it collected by local beekeepers.

Swarming bees

When bees swarm to find a new home, with their new Queen bee, wall cavities in your home or trees close to it can become their new home base.

This is something you also want to avoid ' bee and wasp professionals can tell you how.

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