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How to stop pests returning to your home

As a general rule, to stop a return visit from the little friends you've just spent so much time removing, some solid old-fashioned common sense is needed.

You may need professional assistance at some stage, but by sticking to the following basic tips, you'll be doing yourself, your family and your household a great favour.

Keep the food away

Keeping all food out of reach of hungry ants, cockroaches, mice and rats is the best place to start.

stop pests' return

Thoroughly cleaning surfaces after each meal and storing food in airtight containers is essential.

Resorting to methods like an elastic band around the packet won't keep out highly crafty weavils, ants and cockroaches.

Food in the bedroom

Leaving the occasional plate or crumb trail is a common recurrence for any teenager, or anyone who loves to lie in on Sunday with a cup of tea and toast!

Be strict in your home about food in the bedroom and when it's allowed, be sure to vacuum thoroughly.

It may sometime not take much to entice unwanted guests away, but being vigilant with food is the first place to start.

Water and pests

It's a common Australian visual ' ants creating little black trails around the honey jar in summer.

While keeping the honey in a bowl of water will prevent them crawling all over the jar, it's likely to entice cockroaches to the area.

Cockroaches are extraordinarily gifted at dining by waterside ' those cups of water by your bedside at night may well have been visited by swimming cockroaches while you are sleeping.

To prevent either of these pests away, keep all surfaces clean, as dry as possible and water-filled glasses covered.

Covering up holes

Wherever possible, keep all holes between cupboards, as well as crevices between surfaces and in brickwork around the home filled.

This will hugely assist in preventing pests returning.

In Australia there's always going to be an element of nature living side by side you, but if rodents and nasty pests are making themselves at home, compare quotes and engage a pest controller.

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