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Tips for getting rid of termites

Australian termites have the grand honour of being regarded as the most destructive termites in the world!

So it's important then to get onto these hard workers as soon as possible - and in the safest way.

Why ask a professional to do it?

Termites' nests can be easily disturbed. Once done, it's harder to find the source of the problem. If they scatter, don't be lulled into a false sense of security though ' they'll return quickly enough!

termite pests

Your pest controller will also confirm whether or not termites are really the cause for alarm ' their activity is often similar to that of brown ants or cockroaches, so the correct identification is essential in using the right treatment.

A professional operator is the person you'll really need to ensure these two important points.

What not to do

Although it's tempting, applying hot water is only going to aggravate the situation and certainly won't kill an entire colony.

Spraying household insect repellent could also have an adverse effect on the pest control plan.

Termites are resilient little things and given their size, have a large food foraging area of over 100 meters where they seek timber to burrow into, eating some and return the rest to feed the colony.

They're a problem all over Australia and can impact many households or generations over the life of a property.

Purchasing a property?

If you're thinking of putting that deposit down on the dream property, no matter its size, strongly consider having a pest inspection done alongside the building inspection.

Most companies will do both simultaneously for a small additional fee.

With the cost treating termites can add to your property and the structural damage they can cause, this is a vital investment to know if you have a problem, and just how bad the problem is.

Compare quotes with local pest controllers as soon as you get a sense of a termite problem.

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