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Pet Transport Checklist

Your pet is a beloved family member.  With careful planning, your pet transport can be smooth and stress-free.  Use our handy checklist to plan your pet’s transport.  Then trust a quality-tested pet transport company to take care of the rest.

6 weeks out
  1. visit Compare Quotes for pet transport costs
  2. select and book your pet transporter
  3. keep your pet’s routine regular to reduce any anxiety
4 weeks out
  1. obtain a pet ID tag with your name, address and contact details
  2. ensure your pet has all required license tags
  3. if your pet is travelling by air, make appropriate bookings
  4. purchase a suitable pet capsule for transportation
    (Note a pet transportation company will provide this)
  5. begin letting your pet explore their travel capsule so the space becomes familiar
3 weeks out
  1. visit vet for full pet health check
  2. ensure your pet’s vaccinations, worm and flea treatments are up to date
  3. get any specifically required inoculations done
  4. obtain a copy of your pet’s health record
2 weeks – 1 week out
  1. take an identification photo of your pet in the unlikely event it becomes lost
  2. continue familiarising your pet with their travel capsule
The day before
  1. gather your pet’s vet and registration papers
  2. feed your pet 12 hours before departure
On the day
  1. exercise your pet
  2. give your pet water before departure
  3. be on time to meet your pet transport company
  4. provide any necessary medication or special instructions to your pet transporter
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