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How to Finish Drywall

Drywall plastering is great for building ceilings and interior walls. However, finishing drywall can be a daunting task. The following tips will help you complete jobs with ease.

Mixing drywall

Always stir drywall compound and prepare your?surfaces. Mix your drywall compound at a slow speed until you notice that the water and the drywall mix are smooth and even. If no liquid water is present, the drywall mix is ready to be used.

Smooth your surface

Drive all screw-heads jutting out from above the drywall surface into the wall, for maximum smoothness. Get rid of any loose or torn paper from drywall. Cover any joints and screw-heads.

how to finish drywall

Spreading drywall and taping

Beginning with a knife loaded with about 5cm of drywall compound, put the drywall mix into any joints or screw-heads. Then, hold the knife at approximately 25-degrees, smooth the drywall compound and scrape off any excess. Next, unroll approximately three feet of paper tape, centering it over drywall seams, and gently pressing it into the newly-applied drywall. Bed the tape into the remaining sections of the joints, tearing at the ends using the edge of the knife. Smooth out the tape, and scrape any excess drywall compound into a mud box. Don't forget to tape the inside corners with the drywall mixture, filling the seams and covering at least an inch on either side of the corners with the mixture. Similarly, cover the outside corners of the bead head (approximately 30cm), and using the knife, place drywall compound on both sides of the bead.

Drying, sanding and priming drywall

Allow the compound to dry over night. Once the drywall is uniformly white, you will know that it is dry. Start sanding the drywall on the inside corners using a square-corner sanding block. Work your way to the rest of the surface using a medium-grit pole sander, applying even, gentle pressure. Rougher areas may need to be sanded more, but make sure not to sand down the drywall to the paper tape. Once dried and sanded, you can then repeat the process, applying a second, or even a third coat of drywall. Once finished, prepare your surface for priming by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

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