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How to patch cracks with plaster

If you own an older home, sooner or later you will have to patch a crack with plaster. From shrinkage, moisture, wind, to movements in the foundation of your homes, the bottom line is, the walls and ceilings of older homes eventually need some extra makeup to hide those wrinkles.

Avoid spackling compounds

Some people advise opening up a crack with a tool and filling it in with spackling. However, simply spackling a crack will only provide a temporary band-aid to your plaster crack. It is better to use the combination of drywall tape with a standard plastering compound for longer-lasting results.

Fixing the cracks

Long-lasting repairs can be achieved through using drywall paper type, or mesh tape, to create a layering for the compound to adhere to more fully. For smaller cracks, a simple premixed drywall joint compound can be used. These compounds are essentially water soluble glues that have been mixed with fillers for an easy-fix. For bigger jobs, use real plaster or a premixed joint compound. Make sure to brush off any debris surrounding the crack before patching, and use a long putty knife to apply a thick layer of compound into the crack. Smooth it beyond the crack by at least three inches on each side. You can then level the plaster using any straight edge, such as a metal ruler or a cleaning squeegee.

patching cracks with plaster

Choosing the right plaster for fixing cracks

A standard plaster patching compound comes dry, in a 17kg bag, and has to be mixed with water. These crystals create a smooth white coat, and will set anywhere from 30 minutes to 2-hours from mixing. Premixed joint compounds can take up to two days to try, causing repairs to last a little longer. .


Where to buy plaster for fixing cracks

The way to find the best plaster for repairing cracks is to ask your local builder. They will be able to provide much better insights than a larger super-store. .

Alternatively, you can find professional plastering contractors in your area today at compare quotes. .


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