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Types of plaster to use for different jobs around the home

Looking to do some plastering around the home but not sure what to use? This quick guide to the types of available plaster will point you in the right direction.

Gypsum plaster

The most common form of plaster used for simple home renovations is made out of gypsum plaster. Gypsum is a ground form of rock that has had most of the moisture removed. In this way, when the ground rock comes in contact with water, it initially creates a workable paste. It can then easily harden into a durable surface. This form of plaster is intended for home interior use only.

stucco damage

Hardwall plaster

A efflorescent plaster used as an undercoat, and due to its resistance, is suitable for all types of backgrounds.

Plaster of Paris

A quick-setting form of gypsum plaster. As it becomes hard, it begins to give off heat. It is only suitable for small repair jobs and decorative molding.

Carlite plaster

Carlite is a form of plaster that has been mixed with a lightweight aggregate. This is an easy-to-use plaster that only requires mixing with water. This plaster does well with most backgrounds and provides a small amount of insulation to walls. Setting time is also fast, at two hours average drying speed.

Thistle plasters

Thistle is a form of building plaster used for most any condition.

Sanded plasters

One of the oldest forms of plaster, it is a mix of lime and sand, and is used in traditional methods of wet plastering. Today these forms of plaster are rarely used as they are typically weaker than more modern forms of gypsum and cement plasters. At times, lime is used as an additive to other, stronger, forms of plaster.

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