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Tips on plastering a ceiling

Anyone can plaster a ceiling! The following article will highlight some different forms of plaster to help you in choosing the right one for your ceiling job.

Choose your tools

Equipment for plastering a ceiling includes a well-sharpened utility knife, a drywall saw, a ladder, a drill, an L-shaped ruler, safety goggles, a portion of drywall for a patch, drywall screws and tape, a hammer, a chisel, joint compound, and the finishing plaster.

Prepare the area for ceiling plastering

Wear goggles to prevent dust from getting into your eyes. Score a square around the area with the utility knife. Then, place tape outside of the scored lines to prevent crumbling, and layer 5-7 cm of tape in strips around the scoring. Use a hammer and chisel to tap out the damaged section, creating a clean hole.

plastering ceilings

Position the drywall patch

Cut a piece of drywall that is 1cm smaller than the newly scored hole. Place the drywall in the hole, assuring that it is level with the ceiling. Sand off any rough areas in both the drywall and the wall opening, to ensure a smooth finish. Secure the patch with drywall screws, placed 10cm apart. Brush away dust and debris. Cover the screws and joints with tape, keeping the tape very smooth and flat.

Apply the plaster

Use your putty knife to place a thin layer of plaster to the opening. Allow it to dry and then sand any rough patches and edges. Apply a second thing coat, blending it a few inches beyond the original opening. Allow it to dry and then sand. Repeat with another layer of plaster if it is still not smoothed. Once the area is smooth, prime and paint. Remember to clean up any remaining dust with a damp cloth and a vacuum for floors.

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