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Plastering How To

Plastering is a complex task that requires time, know-how and expertise.  Use our How-To Guide to help you achieve a professional plastering finish.

Smooth, well plastered walls are an essential component of any modern home.  So plastering is an important element of your home and obviously you want a good quality finish.  A smooth, even plaster surface is not only beautiful, it allows you to change room colours, hang or strip wallpaper with ease.

Why use a professional plastering contractor

Poor plastering or flaws in the finish are not only undesirable, they are highly visible too.  So use a reliable plastering contractor with the skill and experience you need.  Make sure your use a qualified plasterer, not a handyman or builder in disguise.  Plasterers are often called on to repair poor workmanship.

Your plastering contractors should also carry insurance in case of any ladder falls or other injuries.

Save time and save money

Using a plastering contractor will save you time and money in the long run.  Good contractors are skilled and reliable.  You get a professional job with a better finish and in a fraction of the time a DIY project would take.  Actually, it can be twice as costly to DIY and you may still need a plasterer to fix any problems.

If you take on your own plastering job, you will need to factor in extra time and expense to:
  1. learn plastering trade skills
  2. purchase the right tools
  3. buy your plastering materials retail

Preparing for plastering

Plaster dust can be toxic to inhale.  Since a proper plastering job will require sanding on completion, you will need to prepare your home well for the plastering project.  As the first step towards a great job you should:
  1. remove as much furniture as possible
  2. cover all floors to protect carpets
  3. remove all electrical equipment
  4. remove as many fittings as possible
Like all finishes, the quality of your plastering job depends on surface preparation, skilled application and experience.  Even if you’re an experienced DIY homeowner, plastering is one contracting job it’s better to outsource.
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