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Plastering Tips & Hints

Plastering is a job that requires some skill.  Always use a professional plasterer, if possible.  Our handy hints will help make your plastering project a success.

  1. Compare quotes from a professional plasterer.  You will get an expert job with a seamless finish.
  2. Plan your plastering project carefully well before you begin.
  3. Prepare your family and your home before the plastering project gets underway.
  4. Relocate furniture and remove fittings from the room or work area.
  5. Plastering dust can be a nuisance to clean up, so cover any remaining items and carpet well.
  6. Keep pets and children away from the room or work area.
  7. Be clear with your plastering contractor about the time your job should take.
  8. Ensure your painting contractor is booked to come once plastering is complete.
  9. Take care with fresh plaster.  It may be dry on the surface but takes time to cure completely.
  10. When reinstating furniture and fittings, move them with care to avoid damage.
If you intend to take on a DIY plastering job, plan plenty of extra time into your project and dollars into your budget.  Taking on a professional trade skill means you need plenty of practice and plastering advice for a decent job.
  1. Consider taking a basic plastering course before starting your project.
  2. Buy professional quality tools and materials from a reputable outlet.
  3. Choose an area where an existing plastering needs improvement as a practice zone.
  4. To avoid accidents, keep work areas clear of furniture and turn off your power at the mains.
  5. Follow the plaster mix and application directions to the letter.
  6. Keep all your equipment clean throughout your plastering project.
  7. Wash off unwanted plaster while it is still wet … even if that’s late at night.
  8. Dry plaster remnants contaminate future plaster batches and spoil the finish.
  9. Contaminated plaster mix should be disposed of immediately.
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