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4 easy steps to renewing and repairing plaster walls

Inspect the walls

Before applying plaster, be sure to inspect the walls for any cracks. To better fill in the cracks, it may be wise to use a 1/4-inch grinder wheel to open the cracks wider for easier filling and bonding later. This will create space for the plaster to be able to better hold, creating a smoother finish once dried.

renewing plaster walls

Choose a plaster and mix with water

A premixed perlite-aggregate gypsum plaster does well for most renewal jobs. It is mill-mixed with an aggregate, and easy to mix right at the job-site by immediately adding water. It is also lightweight and can adapt easily to wall most wall surfaces. It is also durable for ceilings as well, and best for renewing plaster walls.

Applying plaster

Once mixed, add some plaster to a hawk (flat plastering pan) and use a trowel to spread an even base coat, working from the corners outward. Apply a thick first coat and follow with a second smoother coat. To finish smoothing the plaster, use a smaller trowel. Plastic works best, as it won't splice the plaster as easily as a meta trowel. This will give your walls a smoother, more even finish. You may want to add some additional water on the finishing coat for a finer spread. When renewing plaster walls, you may want to spread the trowel in small, circular motions for a textured look. This will give your plaster overcoat a stucco-like appearance.

Drying and finishing

After the finish coat, let the plaster dry completely. Once dried, use a broom on the walls to remove any loose plaster. You are now ready for priming and painting your new plaster walls!

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