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Types of Plaster, bonding plaster, finishing plaster, one coat

Not sure which plaster to choose for your fix-it job? Here we explain different forms of plaster to help you make the right choice for your big domestic duty.

PVA Bonding and Glue

This plaster comes in large plastic containers and is great for skimming over existing walls. It is especially useful for skimming artex. This plaster is known to form a barrier that keeps water out, and helps plaster stay attached to surfaces.

bricks and plaster

Browning or bonding compound

Also known as 'browning' or 'bonding compound,' and is useful in home renovations and new building projects. The majority of all new homes are dry-lined with these backing plasters, as they are 'wet' materials that act as a backing coat plaster. This type of plaster is commonly used on house bricks and other absorbent surfaces, and is applied in thick layers of approximately 10 mm.

Skimming / Finishing Plaster

Skimming plaster foes on top of both backing plasters and bonding compounds. It is also applied directly to plasterboard, and can be used for most inside surfaces. Skimming plaster is applied in very thin layers of around 2 mm, and it usually applied as a final coat.

One Coat Plaster

Sold by companies claiming that the plaster acts as both a base and a finishing coat. Beware of these plasters, as they often offer a lesser-quality finish.

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