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What is plasterboard an how do you use it?

Plasterboard is also referred to as drywall, wallboard, or sheetrock. Commonly used to provide a stable backbone for wall finishes and ceilings in newer construction, these boards are composed of two panels, connected by joints of compound-embedded paper tape, as well as hidden screw heads covered by plastering "mud." Once plastered and dried, these boards can be sanded, wallpapered, painted, or treated with any other standard wall finish.

Which type of plasterboard is best?

Hanging plaster board can be a tad bit intimidating, but with some helpful tips, it may be easier than expected. In order to determine which type of plasterboard is best, determine which room it will go in. For bathrooms, water-resistant plasterboard is a necessity. For remodelling a kitchen, fire-resistant plasterboard makes good sense.

how to use plasterboard

What should the size of my plasterboard be?

Plasterboard usually comes in 1, 2, 3 and 4 metre long panels. Using bigger panels will save joint- taping time, but larger boards are cumbersome, and usually require more than one person for installation. For solo jobs, use the smaller 1-2 metre boards.

How many boards will you need?

To determine how many boards you will need, consider that a 2 metre by 1 metre wallboard holds around 26 square feet of area. Determine your room's size to find out how many boards you need.

Preparing a wall for plasterboards

Make sure your wall is straight and even by using a carpenter€s level.

Cutting plasterboard

You can cut through plasterboard using a sharp utility knife, making a slit in the paper beside the bend in the board.

Hanging the plasterboard panels

Hang plasterboard horizontally, applying adhesive to the studs. Lift the board into place and push it up against the ceiling boards. Secure boards against the wall using a standard plasterboard fastener pattern, Once hung, tape the seams between the plasterboards and begin the process of dry-walling,

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