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Green Plumbing - save water and energy at home

Energy prices are rising, dam levels are dropping. Now is the time to go green with your home plumbing system.

Here are a few tips to get you started saving money, and the planet.

Insulate your pipes

Uninsulated hot water pipes can waste massive amounts of energy. A significant amount of heat is lost as water travels through the pipes from your hot water system.

If you live in a cold area, you can save even more energy by running your hot water pipes through internal walls, rather than exterior.

Upgrade your hot water system

Replacing a decades-old hot water system with a new high-efficiency model can slash your energy bills.

Install an on-demand heat pump

These pumps deliver hot water almost instantly, so you don't waste water by running the shower until it heats up.

green plumbing

Use a water saving showerhead

Switching to a low-flow showerhead can reduce your water usage in the bathroom by up to 60%! Check with your local council or water company to see if they offer a free showerhead exchange program.

Install a dual-flush toilet

Replacing your old single-flush toilet can save up to 35,000 litres of water a year! Many councils and water companies offer rebates or discounts on dual-flush models.

Use a leak monitoring device

Leaky taps, pipes and toilets waste thousands of litres a year. A leak monitoring system will alert you immediately when it detects a problem, so you can fix it as soon as possible.

Use energy efficient appliances

Upgrading your old dishwasher or washing machine to newer energy efficient models can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%.

Recycle your grey water

Using the grey water  from your kitchen, shower or washing machine in your toilet and garden can save you thousands of litres a year.

Install a rainwater tank

Putting in a tank  to collect and store rainfall is a great way to take green plumbing to the next level.

Talk to a licensed plumber about greening your home water system today!

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