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Hot Water Systems

Whether you're in Townsville or Tassie, it's important to choose the right hot water system for your home. While there's no substitute for professional advice, here are some basic facts to get you started.

Types of hot water system

There are two main types of hot water system:

  1. Storage systems heat a large amount of water at a time and store it in an insulated tank until you need it. Storage systems can provide a lot of hot water at once and are quite cheap to install.
  2. Continuous flow systems heat water 'on demand' and make it pretty much impossible to run out of hot water, although they can't deliver hot water to more than a couple of points in your house at once. Because they don€t constantly heat and store water, continuous flow systems use less energy than a tank system and are much smaller.
hot water system

Heat sources

The type of fuel your hot water system runs on will depend on your needs and what is available in your area:

  1. Natural gas
    A fast and efficient heating option that works with both storage and continuous flow systems. Available for indoor and outdoor models.
  2. Off-peak electricity
    Off-peak electric systems heat water overnight to use during the day. They have similar running costs to gas but are not suitable for continuous flow systems.
  3. Peak electricity
    Generally used for continuous flow heaters or small storage tanks. Can be expensive to run.
  4. Solar
    Solar water heating has a high set-up cost but can provide almost all of your hot water for free. Most systems come with a gas or electric booster for cloudy days.
  5. Heat pumps
    These extremely efficient systems extract heat from the atmosphere and use it to warm water in a tank.

Placement and installation

Place your hot water system as close as possible to those rooms where hot water is used € the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Make sure the system and pipes are well insulated for maximum efficiency.

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