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Low Water Pressure

Don't put up with second-rate showers any longer! Low water pressure is a big problem in many homes, but it can be fixed. Here is a guide to the most common water pressure problems.

A fraction too much friction

If the water pipes in your home are too narrow, your water supply can lose pressure due to friction. Replacing your old pipes with larger diameter ones should make a big difference to your pressure issues.

Blockage in pipes

Blocked pipes are a common cause of low pressure. Calcium deposits can build up over time to effectively reduce the diameter of your pipe. Your hardware store will sell chemicals to break up and flush out these mineral buildups.

If only one tap or showerhead is suffering low pressure, there might be a blockage or calcium buildup in the outlet itself.

Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are the devices that control the pressure of the water entering your home. Occasionally, they can malfunction and cause low pressure. A good plumber will inspect your pressure regulator and replace it if necessary.

low pressure

Water leaks

Water leaking from a cracked or broken pipe will have a negative effect on your water pressure. You can find out how to detect a water leak here.

Supply and demand

Your shower pressure might be low first thing in the morning because everyone else in your neighbourhood is showering at the same time. Try changing your schedule to take advantage of off-peak periods.

Problems with the mains supply

If your usually good water pressure drops very suddenly, the problem is probably be in the water main itself. Notify your water company if this occurs.

Call in a pro

DIY plumbing is rarely a good idea. A qualified plumber will be able to quickly locate the source of your water pressure problems, and talk you through the steps needed to fix it.

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