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Plumbing Checklist

Use our handy checklist to keep a regular eye on your plumbing.  That way your plumbing will be in top shape all year around.  And you’ll avoid inconvenient plumbing emergencies.

  1. Check bathroom floor for water damage
  2. Ensure toilet flushing correctly
  3. Test water volume in bath, kitchen and other sinks
  4. Ensure main water line is accessible
  5. Check water tank for rust
  6. Ensure connections are tight to all household appliances, including:
    1. sink disposal
    2. dishwasher
    3. washing machine
    4. refrigerator
    5. air cooler
    6. hydronic heating
  7. Check inside cupboards for water damage
  8. Check washing machine hoses and valves for wear and tear
  1. Disconnect all outside water hoses to prevent freezing or breaking
  2. Check outside taps for dripping and leaks
  3. Cover outside taps (and insulate in cold climates)
  4. Insulate any exposed pipes in unheated areas
  5. Seal leaks around doors and windows to reduce water damage risk
  6. Flush out hot water heater to prevent sediment
  7. Test water heater pressure relief valve carefully
  8. Check temperature setting on water heater thermostat
  1. Clear leaves and debris from downspouts and gutters
  2. Never pour fats or oils down drain that could solidify
  3. Refrain from using in sink disposal unit for stringy waste
  4. Check temperature setting on water heater service
  5. Ensure toilets are flushing properly
  6. Check external water tanks for correct harvesting and any corrosion
  1. Check taps for drips and leaks
  2. Place strainers over all drains to prevent blockages
  3. Check toilets for hidden leaks by dropping food colouring in the tank.  If colour appears in the bowl within 30 mins, you have a leak
  4. Check toilet cistern and bowl for cracks and leaks
  5. Move water supply valves under sinks to prevent sticking
  6. Remove mineral deposits from showerhead

Regular plumbing routines

  1. Drain several litres water heater tank to remove corrosion
  2. Keep flammables away from gas water heaters
  3. Check supply hoses to dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator and other appliances
  4. Regularly clean washing machine lint trap
  5. Pour water into infrequently used drains to clean and prevent odours
  6. Check exposed pipes for leaks
  7. Clean garden drains, gutters and spouts
  8. Ensure plumbing vent pipes are un-obstructed
  9. Check taps, hoses and attachments to ensure free water flow
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