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We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions to help you find quick, clear answers about plumbing.

How bad is a leaky tap?
Even a slight drip can waste litres of water every day and that’s money down the drain.  Left unattended, a drip can cause internal tap damage and lead to reseating or internal parts replacement.  Regular washer changes and swift repair action can save water and cost.
What causes tub stains?
Stains result from rusty pipe residue entering through taps, toilets and other appliances.  Rust can dull your washing or leave tell tale spots.  The most effective solution is to have your plumber investigate pipe condition and replace rusted sections.
What causes my hot water temperature to rise for short periods?
Sometimes sediment builds up in your hot water tank.  This can result in a faulty thermostat reading that triggers the system to heat.  Ask your plumber about flushing the tank, or it may even be better to replace the water heater.
Why does my toilet sound like it’s running after being flushed?
It is possible the toilet seal is worn.  If so you can hear the valve constantly trying to refill the tank.  It’s best to call a professional plumber to confirm and rectify this problem.
What is the best way to unclog my sink?
Sinks become blocked for many reasons.  The solution will depend on the cause of the blockage and how far along it is.  You could begin using water, a plunger or drain cleaner (available from supermarkets and hardware outlets).  If the problem persists, call a professional plumber.
How can I fix low water pressure?
Step one is to gauge your water pressure and investigate whether this is typical in the area.  If there is an issue, clean or flush the water pipes to all taps, showerheads and other outlets.  A professional plumber can advise on the best solution to low water pressure.
What is an aerator?
Aerators are fitted at the end of a spout and are often used in kitchens and bathrooms.  They diffuse water and prevent splashing.
Why must I place traps below my sinks?
Sink traps prevent sewer gasses leaching up the drain and into your home.  In Australia, they are mandatory under the building code.
What is a plumber’s snake?
This device is sometimes called an electric eel.  Plumbers use snakes in external drains to cut through obstructions like tree roots and release blockages.
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