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Plumbing is a job that often calls for specialist skills.  There are some tasks a capable handyman (or woman) can take on.  But for a quality job it is often best to call in a professional plumber.

Most states have regulations covering plumbing works that must be completed by a licensed plumber.  Before you strap on the tool belt, check your local building code to avoid illegal work.  This can cause insurance or other problems in future and devalue your property.

What to expect from your plumber

Professional plumbers can be relied upon to set an appointment window and keep to it.  You should expect a good plumber to be neatly presented and have a can-do attitude.

A professional approach to the work is essential.  Your plumber should be happy to:
  1. explain the problem in simple terms and answer any questions
  2. outline your options and recommend and solution
  3. provide a detailed quotation and itemised bill
  4. follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines
  5. clean up after the work is complete

Choosing the right plumber

You may not have thought too much about it.  But choosing the right plumber can make a big difference.  If there’s a lot of work to complete a good plumber will save you time and money.

Begin by asking for referrals from family or friends you trust.  If cost is an issue, phone around for rates.  Always ask about extras ... some plumbers charge just for turning up.  But avoid choosing a plumber just on cost.  You may be disappointed with the end result.

For bigger jobs, always get several quotes.  Be sure the service level is similar so you can be sure about value.

Make sure your plumber is licensed, insured and offers a warranty.  And ask about Master Plumber Association membership.
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