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Plumbing is a job that requires training, skill and experience.  For most plumbing jobs you will need to engage a professional plumber.  Only a qualified plumber can legally undertake installation or renovation work and issue building certificates.

Include a plumbing checklist in your spring cleaning regimen. Changing washers and repairing drips before it is too late saves energy, water and money.

Here’s some handy hints to help you avoid costly plumbing mistakes.

Indoor plumbing pointers

  1. Never flush waste or objects other than those the toilet is intended for.
  2. A small rubbish bin near the toilet allows for easy disposal of non-toilet friendly items
  3. Keep shower drains free of hair with a fine drain cover and regularly remove built up hair
  4. Dissolve soap build-up by pouring boiling water down shower drain once a month
  5. Service shower valves annually
  6. Never dispose of grease, fats, tea leaves or coffee grounds down the sink
  7. Make it a routine to remove sink residues that could coat or clog pipes with boiling water each month
  8. Chemical cleaners may corrode metal pipes, so use these sparingly, if at all
  9. If you won’t be home for 2 weeks or more, rub a little alcohol on the bottom of your dishwasher to keep seals moist.
  10. Recalk around bath, shower, sinks and other water outlets as required

Outdoor plumbing

  1. Monitoring water pressure is most accurately done at the property connection
  2. Regularly inspect the condition of outside taps, hoses and connections
  3. If your garden has a water feature, check this annually for blockages and leaks
  4. Keep guttering and outdoor drains clear and unobstructed
  5. Call a plumber to repair faults, drips and leaks as you find them
  6. Monitor the condition of all pipes and seals to your swimming pool regularly
  7. Use a tap timer to help you comply with water restrictions in your area
  8. Reduce your hot water thermostat to save energy and money
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