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Rainwater Tanks

Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource, so why not install a rainwater tank to ease the stress on the environment and your hip pocket?

Uses for rainwater

Drinking unfiltered rainwater is not recommended, but your tank can supply almost most other household water needs:

  1. Flushing the toilet
  2. Watering the garden
  3. Topping up the pool or spa
  4. Supplying the washing machine
  5. Cleaning the car or boat
rain water tank

Types of rainwater tank

Corrugated steel tanks
are the cheapest and most common rainwater tank. They are very strong, but need to be lined with polyethylene to prevent rusting. With proper maintenance, a metal tank can last for decades.

Polyethylene tanks
are lightweight and versatile. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, and won€t rust or make your water taste weird. Overexposure to the sun can shorten a plastic tanks lifespan.

Concrete tanks
last for an extremely long time and are usually installed underground. They require special sealing and have a high cost of installation but might be the best option if you want a permanent rainwater tank.

Fibreglass tanks
are lightweight, durable and do not rust or corrode. They are relatively expensive.

PVC tanks
are large, flexible plastic bladders (much like an enormous wine cask). They can be hidden under a floor or deck, and may be emptied for easy transportation. However, they carry a small risk of being punctured.


You'll need the services of a professional  to install a rainwater tank. A qualified plumber or tank supplier will help you select and install the right tank for your home.

Local councils often have requirements on the size, colour and placement of water tanks. A licensed plumber can make sure your rainwater tank meets the regulations in your area.


Most state and territory governments in Australia offer rebates on rainwater tanks and installation. Your council may offer an additional rebate.

Compare quotes on plumbers to install your rainwater tank.

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