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Water purifying systems

Water quality is a concern for many people, especially when you consider that bacteria, chemicals and most other water-borne nasties can't be seen by the naked eye.

Whether you get your water from a natural source or a city-wide water system, there is a water filter available to ensure your family's health and safety.

Point of entry (whole house) systems

These large filtering systems are usually connected directly to the meter, and filter all the water coming into the house. They are especially useful for rural homes where your water is coming from a well or other natural source.

pure water

Point-of-entry systems are very effective at removing chemicals and microorganisms from the water, but are quite expensive and usually not necessary in cities where the water supply is already treated.

Carbon filters

The cheapest and most common type of residential water purifier. These filters attach to each individual faucet, and contain a replaceable carbon cartridge that filters out organic compounds from the water.

UV and reverse osmosis

These point-of-use systems use either ultra-violet light or a membrane filter to take harmful minerals out of your water supply. They are more effective than a carbon filter, but can cost several hundred dollars.

Chlorine filters on showerheads

Chlorine sensitivity is a problem for many people, especially when you consider that our skin absorbs chlorine six times faster than our digestive system! If your water supply contains a lot of chlorine, these showerhead mounted filters will help take the sting out of showering.

Softening your water

'Hard' water is water that contains a lot of calcium and/or magnesium. While not actually harmful to your health, hard water can cause scaling in hot water systems and appliances, and make showering and washing up a real hassle.

A water softener uses an ion-exchange system that converts calcium into sodium to keep your kitchen appliances (and hair) in peak condition.

Get a professional

If you're unsure about your water purifying needs, it's best to consult a professional. Use our directory to find an expert plumber today.

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