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The most important thing to consider is, “who are the people that will come into your house on the day and actually do the move for you.”

Do you want these people to be well trained, well paid and enthusiastic?
Do you want staff dressed professionally who know every single way to make your move run smoothly?



Most of the removals companies that charge a higher price pay their staff higher wages than other businesses. These businesses will regularly pay above award wages to attract and retain the best and most experienced staff in the removals industry.

Businesses that pay their taxes, appropriate wages and superannuation to staff and also have workers compensation insurance, have more overhead cost than a business that is not investing in good conditions for their staff.

What this means for you, the customer, is that you are going to have happy removals staff that enjoy their job conducting your move. Happy removals staff coordinate good moves and can really help relieve any stress on the day.



One of the main advantages of removals companies paying their staff well is they will remain with that company for longer periods of time, and become highly skilled in their role.

A professional removalist’s knowledge and skills in the industry will often result in the move being completed in considerably less time, as they have the ability to manage your move like clockwork. This is why choosing a removals company that charges higher rates can very often end up being the cheaper alternative.

The use of well trained and highly skilled staff

Money can be saved if the move is done faster, interstate deliver dates are met and belongings arriving in perfect condition.

Many of the higher priced businesses realise that their staff members aren’t just moving furniture but are also a very important part of the company’s ability to provide good customer service. Apart from being taught how to move furniture and professionally load a truck, they are also trained in complaint resolution, best methods of communication and the most senior staff also receive leadership training.

Only with years of experience and extensive training can a removalist of this calibre predict the little things that a customer will need on the day of their move, resulting in a smooth move every time.



From our research a large proportion of the higher priced companies have been operating for five years or more. They are proud of their name and have invested a lot of time and effort building a company that has a good reputation. Most of these companies work on a repeat business and referral basis, so they will go out of their way to make sure your experience with them is exceptional.

Companies that have years of experience

We all know that there is no better way to improve at a task than by hands on experience, so it stands to reason that those with more experience will be better than those who are fresh to the industry. This has an effect on many things including; estimation of time it will take to load and unload the truck, how to move particular items safely and efficiently, how to manoeuvre difficult items, how to properly wrap, pack and store particular items for transport and much more.

When there are so many things that can go wrong on the day of the move, you want people who have the experience to be able to deal with any problem thrown at them.



Many of the higher priced business realise the only way to provide quality customer service is to have staff dedicated to just that. They will have office staff and move co-ordinators, who have nothing to do with the actual moving of items.

Extra staff are an additional cost to the business, but can make a massive difference to your moving experience. Move co-ordinators will be responsible for communication from the moment you book, on the day of the move and afterwards to see how your move went.

Provide quality customer service

Their job is to make sure you are informed, relaxed and supported. Many companies will send out helpful hints and tips to ensure you’re fully prepared on the day.

These staff will never be busy on the road so you can rest assured when you call they will be available. 

Moving is a stressful time and nothing relieves stress more than a phone call being answered whenever you have a query.

The better organised a company is leading up to and on the day the faster and smoother the move will be for you.



The best removals companies are the most organised. While this can’t always be witnessed, it is definitely one of the silent factors that separate the best companies from the rest. Many of the higher priced businesses make sure all aspects of their operation run efficiently.

Use the right systems and make sure all aspects of their operation run efficiently

It’s important to recognise that in any industry there are business that are run professionally and those that are not.
The ones that run well have well designed booking software, clear terms and conditions, multiple contact points (phone, website and email), clearly explained insurance and complaint resolution systems. Systems like these ensure a company can consistently deliver quality service.



Most of the higher priced businesses have gone the extra mile and have set up a depot.

Large amounts of money is invested by these companies, in buying quality vehicles and equipment. They need a safe and secure depot to store this equipment and set up their office.

Have set up a depot.

The best part about a business having a depot is that you always know where you can find them if anything is to go wrong.

Businesses that have a depot often have up to 10 trucks and with a business of this size you can imagine how professional every facet of their operation has to be.  A really well set up depot ensures well maintained vehicles, attracts the best staff and gives the company space to conduct training.

Many of these businesses can also conveniently co-ordinate storage within their facility as part of your move.



Many of the better removals companies ensure that they only use the best possible equipment available to make certain that your move is completed professionally, efficiently and with minimal hassle. This ranges from the type of wrapping plastic, blankets and tie downs used, right through to trolleys, lift gates and trucks.

Quality equipment from the type of wrapping plastic, blankets and tie downs used, right through to trolleys, lift gates and trucks.

Having a fully operational fleet with late model clean and reliable trucks is a major plus. Modern well maintained vehicles are more reliable which means you are less likely to have any surprises or delays on the day of your move. 

Companies invest a lot of money to keep their tools and equipment up to date and in proper working order. This ensures that your items are safe whilst in transit.

"The bitterness of poor workmanship remains long
after the sweetness of the discount price is forgotten."






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